Monday, August 31, 2009

Pillow Cases Project

Here comes my Hari Raya Pillow Cases Project, 8 pillow cases I've made it my self......I got the fabric from one of the biggest fabric's shop in Semenyih Town. At first I went to Nagoya, Wangsa Maju with my dearest sister (azura) to look for the english-like cotton fabric for the pillow cases but unfortunately there were no luck....instead my second son Imran got sick and puke at the mall, really embarassing, so I only managed to buy green linen for my sew-along tunic projects with my sister. It took me three weeks to finish the sewing considering the classess that I had to attend in the weekdays (8.30 till 5.00) and the red piping that ain't enough (took a few days to buy from the small sewing shop in Semenyih that close early)...The first and second pillow case was a stressful experience, especially near the zipper area. However I managed to finish it.

As you can see, I used the white cotton rope to enhance the pillow cases edges. I wrapped the white cotton rope with the red piping. To be frank I'd never refer to any books or paterns to sew the pillow cases, just a simple observation from the pillow cases that I had at home........ From the left over of the fabrics...(which is surprisingly a lot), I made a table cloth for my dining table...Looks nice though.....