Monday, August 31, 2009

The Birth of Sewwell

I had never dreams of blogging my sewing works, eventhough I have started sewing seriously for almost a year, until my beloved sister (Azura) persuaded me to do so. Thanks to you along! And not forgotten to my hubby who never fails to support me in everyway including let me attended a sewing class and transformed me from a plain boring mother to a women who always thirst for knowledge and learning new things …..

I never imagined that it requires a lot of skills in setting up a blog such as learning the steps, understanding how to upload photos, how to snap a good pictures and of course the challenges of writing….(English is definitely not my mothertongue)…and it needs a lot of time and commitment especially for a beginner like me…besides, sewing itself is a challenging process; you must know the fabrics, understand the sewing method, able to read and trace paterns [including japanese ;) ] and understanding the sewing language, between lining and piping, seamlines and many more…the skills of sewing also are subjected to individual interest, if you love fabrics, beautiful clothes and designing (begs or stuff), it is the best skills to learn……only sewers understand how satisfy it feels to complete every sewing projects…..

So I had made my decision…
Wallah, here it is! The birth of Sewwell…Sew it and make it your own….
So let’s share our interest and feel free to follows me in my blog…..

- Masni